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About the author

Incremental Economics is written by me, Jonny Cornish. I love learning about businesses, meeting interesting people, and thinking about investing.

I run an investment firm called 38X Holdings. Compounding at 20% for 20 years results in a 38x, which is our stated goal over every rolling 20 year time period.

I’m from the UK but currently live in Miami with my wife and our two rescue dogs. You can find me on Twitter: @Jonny_Cornish .

I previously worked for UNC Management Company, a $10bn university endowment fund, from 2016-2021.

I am a CFA Charterholder and received my undergraduate degree from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, where I concentrated in Finance.

I played on the UVA Men’s Tennis team from 2012-16 where we won the NCAA Championship three times - fortunately for me, my teammates did all the heavy lifting!

Before that I played tennis on the junior ITF circuit where I was ranked 80 in the world in the ITF U18 singles rankings. I competed in major tournaments such as Junior Wimbledon. I won several national titles in the UK and was ranked number one in the country in the under 16’s rankings. I play tennis for fun today and do some coaching on the weekends, although I can't help but be competitive and play tournaments myself (UTR of 11.6 with my goal to get above 12.0 by January 2023!).

I took a 6-month long data analytics bootcamp through UNC Chapel Hill and I’m proficient in python.

My main interests are sports, psychology, investing, data science and machine learning.

My favorite investing/business books include Competition Demystified, 7 Powers, Cable Cowboy, Super Forecasting, Fooling Some of the People All of the Time, Financial Shenanigans, Expectations Investing, How to Lie with Statistics and The Essays of Warren Buffett.

In my spare time I'm either learning about businesses, playing tennis or hanging out with my wife and our two dogs (Murphy & Ralphie).

Ethics statement

Nothing that I write is investment advice. All opinions are my own and should not be relied upon as the basis for any investment decisions. Additionally, I may hold positions (long or short) in the securities discussed.

Try as I might, there will always be a bias in the way I write. I try to be as impartial in my analysis as possible, but we are all imperfect. I will at least try to highlight my biases wherever I notice them.

I take my personal integrity, my company's integrity, and the integrity of this site very seriously. I rely solely on publicly available information, unless explicitly stated otherwise, and do my own research.

Absolutely nothing I write about has any element of non-public or confidential information involved and if there is ever a private quote from someone else I attribute it to that person with their permission. Most importantly, I do my own work.

Completely avoiding mistakes is impossible. However, when I am alerted to a mistake I will always strive to correct it quickly and publicly, and take active steps to ensure I don’t make similar mistakes in the future. If you see anything that you know to be factually wrong, please let me know!

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